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Cabinet Refinishing Vs New Kitchen Cabinets

March 13, 2023

Many wonder if it is worth, Refinishing their kitchen cabinets vs purchasing new kitchen cabinets. There are a few things to consider, such as budget, layout, durability, functionality, time and more. We will be discussing these aspects that go into the decision making process.

In simple terms, should I paint my cabinets? If so why should I? One of the main reasons to paint your kitchen cabinets, is how cost effective it is. Take a look at the kitchen above, that is a kitchen that was refinished. They went from a traditional brown to a nice Simply White (Benjamin Moore, General Finishes Enduro paint). This was a client that wanted to transform her kitchen but didn't want to spend the money to have new kitchen cabinets installed. This is a 5 day painting process that is also less invasive to the client. An average kitchen refinishing job can range from 3-6k or more depending on what is being done. While you can spend over 10k just in the cabinets alone for new kitchen cabinets. Then add the labor to remove the kitchen cabinets, granite, plumbing etc. you can easily go up to 15-30k after the work is done on an economical job. So no wonder Refinishing is so popular.

Paints have also evolved over the years so getting your kitchen cabinets refinished you can still end up with a very durable finish without the toxic smells. So when looking for someone to do that type of work, ask about the materials and process. Here at Casiano fine Finishes we always clean, sand, 2-3 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint, this allows us to provide the best and most durable finish as possible.

When you should consider getting new kitchen cabinets. The best time to get kitchen cabinets, is when the cabinets are in bad shape mechanically, or it's interior etc. The layout is no longer beneficial. Or interestingly enough, when the cost to reface is slightly too elevated, and you benefit from the addition of new cabinets, or accessories. When wanting to replace granite, and cabinets aren't structurally sound anymore.

If you have a kitchen layout that is no longer working for you, or want to add more kitchen cabinets for storage, this is the time to just get all new kitchen cabinets as it will be more cost effective than custom building and matching boxes to existing cabinets. Here then you can work with a designer to layout exactly what you want, including the accessories that you would like.

Remember that here at Casiano Fine Finishes, we offer new Kitchen Cabinets, countertops (in collaboration with Castillo Granite) and Cabinet Refinishing (painting) Please feel free to inquire more.