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Casiano Fine Finishes is a Cabinet Refinishing/ Cabinet company that is veteran owned and operated. We specialize in Kitchen remodels, and offer competitive pricing on services from kitchen repainting (refinishing) refacing (changing cabinet doors to meet a new style ) or simply new kitchen cabinets. When you are looking for a trustworthy timely contractor feel free to call us.


Label, Clean, Sand, Prime and Paint

What can you expect from us? What do we do? Well, we take your current existing cabinets, and make them like new again. We use water based polyurethane paints. This is a durable cabinet paint, that has low (VOC’s) which has low smell and fast cure times. The process is relatively simple, but it does take some time. On average a kitchen can take about a week. On the first day we generally remove the cabinet doors, label and transport them to the shop for processing. The cabinet carcass (that’s the boxes themselves) are then cleaned, sanded, and filled. Depending on the progress of the first day, the second day involves masking the kitchen itself. We use a variety of materials to protect all the surfaces of the kitchen. This includes covering all the horizontal surfaces, floor and the inside of the cabinets. We use a dust barrier system, that sections off the kitchen from the rest of the house.

Don’t worry, you will still have access to your kitchen. At this time once 90 percent of the kitchen is blocked off, we will finalize the last ten percent the next day, where we will spray the kitchen itself. Most kitchens can be done that day, everything can come down and you can start using your kitchen. During this time the doors are being processed in the shop in the same manner. Typically, if all is going well, factors like kitchen size and condition determine the estimated time of completion, by Friday we should be installing the doors handles and anything else that’s necessary. We take pride in our work, so we only take a deposit to cover the initial cost of material and labor. This number will be included in the estimate. We take pride in our work, and don’t expect the rest of the payment until you’re completely satisfied.


Ensure that the area is prepared correctly. And that no corners are cut in the finishing process. We make sure that the space being worked on isn't entirely out of commission so please feel free to ask to use the location. We are also extremely accommodating to other trades, so please feel free to include us in the plans, the more we know about your plans the better we are at making this a painless experience.

Jose "John" Casiano

Owner Operator

Hello, My Name is Jose “John” Casiano. I’m the owner of Casiano Fine Finishes a cabinet refinishing company. We specialize in painting kitchen cabinets here in Sarasota, Bradenton area. I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about myself, the company, what we stand for.

Who am I? well funny as that sounds, it’s good to learn a bit about the type of person who might be doing work for you or a friend. I’m a prior service member of the United States Marine Corps. In the service I was an Intelligence Specialist (analyst). I served 7 years (5 active 2 active reserve). I served in the 31st Marine expeditionary unit (MEU) and in Afghanistan. I’m very proud of my service, it was fun, engaging, hard, and life changing. It was something that I will never forget.

There are things that came from my time in the military such as discipline and attention to detail, and the urge to serve others. After my service, I attempted to do something that would give me the same level of fulfillment, unfortunately military intelligence doesn’t translate well into the civilian world. Working from a computer reading hundreds of reports got to be very tiring. I wanted a change from something analytical to something more hands on, something that I can show the results of my work. This is what brings me joy the most, the ability to show the results of my labor.

From renovating houses, to restoring vintage boats, I’ve come to learn a lot. Ultimately cabinet refinishing is what stuck with me. It’s satisfying watching my client view the results. The change from an old, tired brown, to a nice calming white. What a Big difference is usually the response I get, and I never get tired of it. This really changes the space, it makes it feel so much bigger, and I can’t believe it. This is the reason why I love doing this job.

Customers come to me looking for a problem solver, someone that can take the image that is inside their head and make it into a reality. This is something that is very difficult to do. We strive to be active listeners and work with out customers to determine the best solutions for them. This is how we separate ourselves from the rest. We allocate the time and resources to ensure the customer is being heard and has clear expectations of the end results.

When I served, credibility was the upmost importance. My job unlike any other had direct consequences to human life, my research, and my ability to provide the information needed to complete the mission was crucial. While kitchen cabinets won’t have the same effect on human life… I still treasure my credibility, any concerns of my costumers I truly take to heart. Therefore our values here at Casiano Fine Finishes are extremely important. Honesty, communication, and flexibility. That’s the values we treasure here. Honesty and communication are self-explanatory, flexibility not so much.

What do we mean that we are flexible, well just that, we stretch in the morning to make sure we don’t get hurt at work… Kidding aside, it means that if you need something, we will try to be as flexible as possible to make that thing happen. That means when we schedule you, you are our priority, our time was set aside just for you and no-one else.


I bought a condo in Florida and wanted to have my cabinets repainted. I live out of state which made it a challenge. I called a few painters and for some reason decided to move forward with these guys. I never met him and was out of state when he painted the cabinets. When he was done he sent me pictures. I sent him the money for the job. Two months later I was able to visit the condo and check out my new cabinet paint job. I’ve painted cabinets in several states. I have found no one better than Casiano. It was a professional factory finish. If you hire anyone else to paint your cabinets it would be a mistake.