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Serenata Residents

Special offerings for Serenata Condo Residents

Welcome Serenata Residents

Thank You for following the link provided in the email.

I'm John Casiano I'm the owner of Casiano Fine Finishes. It means a lot that you are here.

I'm also a resident of Serenata and in the last couple of weeks I've been looking to solve our Kitchen Cabinet problem. The problem of I can't fit a full size plate into my cabinet. The problem of not enough storage space, and the problem that our cabinets are truly showing their age.

I've made some designs and worked with my distributor to work out a special deal with my neighbors. I wanted to show you what was possible. So please take a look down below so you can see what we are now offering.

Create your Dream Kitchen

Our Services

Proposed layout

Proposed Layout

Kitchen Design

We are working with our designers to maximize the space in these condo units. All Designs are preliminary and fully customizable)

Proposed Layout includes;

Upper 42 inch cabinets

Plywood Construction/ Wood doors (Conversion Varnish)

Soft close doors and drawers

Dovetail drawers

Diagonal Upper Corner (increases access in the corner cabinets)

Trash can pull out. etc.

Option to go up to ceiling and light rail.

Space for 36 inch Refrigerator vs 33 inch currently in place.

We understand that each floor plan is different but we want to present you an example so you know what to expect from us.

Bathroom Design

We are not limited to kitchen cabinets we offer bathroom vanities as well. that match your Kitchen, or we offer prebuilt cabinets sourced elsewhere.

Also remember that we offer a variety of styles and colors.

Example of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets.



Cabinet Refinishing

We also offer Cabinet Refinishing. Your neighbors have already benefited from these services, and we suggest to look at our Serenata Project Images. Here we added Crown molding and a valance (light rail) to differentiate the look. Also replaced the handles.

Cabinet Refacing

We also offer cabinet refacing, and other modifications. We understand every type of budget so we want to offer as much service as possible. With our modification services the sky is the limit. We can remove the center stile, opening up the cabinets, and replace the doors. we can build all new upper cabinets and modify the lowers. the possibilities are endless



We've partnered with Castillo Granite to provide you unique pricing and selection, for whatever decision you decide to take. If you only want new countertops that's fine feel free to contact them or us, just let them know we sent you.

person molding clay
white and black rock formation

Castillo Granite

If you want to knock down that bar top and extend it, like we've done in our own condo unit let us know. we can make that happen. We have granite quartz in large variety contact us to see what we can do for you.

Kitchen rendering

Above is the proposed layout for Serenata based on 1 floor plan. The last 3 images are real life examples of proposed cabinets in a real customers home (not Serenata). These images are to show the finish look as a reference for clients to compare.


I bought a condo in Florida and wanted to have my cabinets repainted. I live out of state which made it a challenge. I called a few painters and for some reason decided to move forward with these guys. I never met him and was out of state when he painted the cabinets. When he was done he sent me pictures. I sent him the money for the job. Two months later I was able to visit the condo and check out my new cabinet paint job. I’ve painted cabinets in several states. I have found no one better than Casiano. It was a professional factory finish. If you hire anyone else to paint your cabinets it would be a mistake.